Thinking about selling some items, but you don’t know where to turn for help and advice?

Here at Liptay Auctions we take great pride in our staff’s knowledge of the market and their ability to advise you on the best route to take to sell your items. Be it a whole estate or one or two items we can sell any size lot.

For whatever reason you want an auction: Clearing an Estate, Bankruptcy, Mortgage or Lien Recovery, Relocation, Asset Liquidation, or Refining an existing collection, the Auction Method of Marketing can provide quick and painless solutions to your dilemma.

Our staff will come to you and provide a step by step method of what we can offer you.

Benefits to You, the Seller

Assets and Property are quickly and effectively liquidated into cash
● Date of sale is predetermined
● Exposes the property to a large number of prospects.
● The Seller knows exactly when and where the property will sell
● Eliminates the hassle of numerous and unscheduled showings.
● Get maximum dollar, dealing with a Professional, Reputable Auction Company
● Auction listing available via our web site. 

Estates and Seniors Downsizing

A lifetime of collecting, acquiring and living creates it’s own special circumstances when you decide to finally sell off some items, or everything. Treasures can be found in the most unlikely places, items that may look like garbage may in fact be quite valuable treasures and some valued items may be worthless. In a complex market environment, let us advise you as to the proper route that you should take, in order to obtain you the most for your investments.

Executors, Administrators & Seniors

Downsizing and Estate Liquidation is a once in a lifetime responsibility, one which we deal with on a daily basis. Before you begin this complex process let us advise you and guide you through the process so that you’ll avoid any potential pitfalls that come up. We have seen it all, our experience is a valuable asset, put it to work for you.


There are a variety of reasons for obtaining an appraisal: Estates, Partition, Insurance, Equitable distribution, Business liquidation and resale.

Our appraisers keep pace with the fluctuating market either by auction prices, our extensive library of reference books, and our large cliental basis. They utilize three types of appraisals, Fair Market Value, Replacement Value , and Liquidation Value.

Our Firm offers experienced appraisers, with extensive knowledge in Antiques and Furniture, Commercial/Farm Equipment, Livestock, General Merchandise, Cars, Trucks, RV’s, etc.

What to expect from our Appraisers is a physical inspection of the property, a detailed inventory and a professional appraisal. Following the strict code of ethics of The Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group. Our signatures are your assurance of the highest standards of workmanship and ethical conduct.