I request that Liptay Auctions enter a bid on the following item up to the maximum price I have indicated for the item. I understand that by submitting this bid, I have entered into a binding contract to purchase the item if my bid is successful. I understand that if my bid is successful, I will be obligated to pay the purchase price, which will be the sum of the purchase bid plus buyer’s premium plus any applicable taxes (HST).

I understand that Liptay Auctions executes absentee bids as a convenience for clients, and is not responsible for inadvertently failing to execute bids or for errors relating to execution of bids. On my behalf Liptay Auctions will try to purchase this lot for the lowest possible price.

If identical absentee bids are left, Liptay Auctions will give precedence to the first ones received. All Successful bids are subject to the terms and conditions of Liptay Auctions which are printed in the catalogue, which I have had the opportunity to review.

I further understand that if I have no previous relationship with Liptay Auctions, they may at their discretion disregard any bids left.

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ABSENTEE BIDDING What is an absentee bid? An absentee bid is your written instruction directing Liptay Auctions to bid for you on one or more lots up to the maximum amount you specify for each lot.

How much should I bid? Your bid should be the largest amount you are willing to bid during the live auction. Our staff will attempt to execute your bid at the lowest possible amount.

Will I be informed if you receive a bid higher than mine? No, we recommend that you enter the highest amount you are prepared to bid in the live auction in "Your Maximum Bid" field. Can I amend or cancel a bid? You can change or cancel your bid up to the day before the auction date. After that time, you must contact Liptay Auctions at the location where the auction will be held.